You’ll Be Surprised By Some Players Walk-Up Songs

5 Of The Best Walk-Up Songs From 2015

Walk up music, in a way, is a big part of baseball today.

The music that an athlete chooses can mean many things. It could be a popular song for the fans, or a song that personally pumps them up, or a joke song, etc.

Here is a list of a few of the “top” songs that players used during the 2015 season.


Noah Syndergaard: The Game of Thrones Theme Song by composer Ramin Djawadi – The only thing better than Syndergaard’s fourseam fastball has been his pop culture references. In addition to being dubbed “Thor” early in his MLB career and dropping the hammer with that wicked curve of his, the rookie pitcher is entering the batter’s box to the theme music from Game of Thrones.

Hunter Pence: “Circle of Life” by Elton John – Forget that he looks like a lion — remember when Pence submitted his audition tape for the Twitter production of The Lion King? Well, his affinity for the animated classic carried over into the 2015 season. When Pence came off the DL, he was walking up to Disney epic.

Bryce Harper: “The Best Is Yet to Come” by Frank Sinatra – Forty-one percent of 117 MLB players polled this offseason said that Harper is the most overrated player in baseball. The 22-year-old has responded by walking, homering, homering, homering and walking some more. And he’s done it all while stepping up to the plate to Old Blue Eyes promising that they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Prince Fielder: A Siren – Prince Fielder used to walk up to classical music, but now feels that Mozart didn’t provide a sufficient warning, so now his walk-up music is just a siren.

“It just lets people know that something is about to happen,” Fielder said.

And with the way he’s been raking lately, the warning is a fitting one.

Carlos Ruiz: “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins – In 2015, Josh Donaldson brought this incredible drum solo to Canada, but Chooch has been walking up to the slow-building anthem for most of his career. Any excuse to air drum is a welcome one.


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