Ranking The Best Catchers From 2015

Best MLB Catchers

Ben Leibowitz from Point After ranked catchers from the MLB from worst to best.

In order to qualify, each catcher needed a minimum of 270 at-bats so therefore 29 players made the list.

Here are the top 5..


5. Yasmani Grandal, Los Angeles Dodgers

Composite Score: 31.26
2015 WAR: 1.4
2015 OPS: .756
2015 dWAR: 0.2
2015 +Calls: 157

Cuban-born catcher Yasmani Grandal wound up with a relatively lackluster 0.2 dWAR, but that was actually an improvement from the year prior with San Diego when he finished at -0.7. Despite that, Grandal racked up 157 +Calls for an elite pitching staff that featured Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke (two guys who batters would say don’t need any help out on the mound).

He hit just .234, but he smacked a career-best 16 homers and added a rock-solid .353 on-base percentage.

4. Caleb Joseph, Baltimore Orioles 

Composite Score: 31.63
2015 WAR: 2.2
2015 OPS: .693
2015 dWAR: 1.7
2015 +Calls: 52

Joseph ranked No. 24 among qualified catchers in at-bats with 320, but that didn’t stop him from compiling the eighth-best WAR of his positional brethren.

That was propped up by 1.7 dWAR, which ranked third in the Majors behind the two backstops tied at the top.

3. Derek Norris, San Diego Padres 

Composite Score: 32.89
2015 WAR: 2.5
2015 OPS: .709
2015 dWAR: 0.8
2015 +Calls: 93

You could certainly argue that Norris had a better season in 2014 with Oakland, but he led all catchers with 33 doubles in 2015 as a member of the Padres. Throw in career-bests of 14 home runs and 62 RBI and Norris’ offensive output remained steady.

His defense is usually the area of concern, but the 26-year-old’s impact behind the dish was far better with San Diego than it was the year prior with the A’s (particularly when throwing out baserunners).

2. Francisco Cervelli, Pittsburgh Pirates 

Composite Score: 45.81
2015 WAR: 3.1
2015 OPS: .771
2015 dWAR: 0.5
2015 +Calls: 201

Perhaps sentiment will be that Cervelli is ranked too high, but there’s fuel to the argument that the Venezuelan-born 29-year-old is underrated.

He was incredibly reliable in the batter’s box, where he hit .295/.370/.401. He ranked in the top 10 among catchers in triples, walks, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS and WAR. His most telling impact, however, came via the leather. The former Yankee racked up a stunning 201 +Calls throughout 2015, which led MLB. That scrappiness behind the plate and in the batter’s box made Cervelli a huge part of what made the Pirates so good.

1. Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants 

Composite Score: 59.39
2015 WAR: 6.1
2015 OPS: .849
2015 dWAR: 1.8
2015 +Calls: 114

No surprises here, as Posey comfortably ranks as the No. 1 catcher from 2015. The former MVP and three-time World Series champion ranked No. 1 in WAR, dWAR, batting average, slugging percentage, OPS, RBI and hits.

Even though he’s playing more and more games at first base to preserve himself as he gets older, Posey remains the best catcher in baseball by just about any measure.

Source: Point After (see the rest of the list here)

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