French Baseball Phenom Makes History

Female Shortstop: Melissa Mayeux 

A 16 year old female shortstop from France made history this summer.

She is technically eligable to be signed by a Major League Baseball team.

This young woman has made quite a name for herself. Way to go, Melissa!

Learn More About Melissa Mayeux Below:

Meet Melissa Mayeux, a 16-year-old from France who made history this weekend when she apparently became the first woman ever to be added to MLB’s international registration list.

And if you’re wondering just how legitimate Mayeux’s chances are, she is a shortstop on France’s U18 junior national team and, per Lindsay Berra of, while virtually anyone can “technically be added to the list, only those who have the potential to actually be signed are customarily registered.”

MLB Director of International Game Development Mike McClellan, who has been watching her play for the past two years, called her “fearless” and a “legitimate shortstop who makes all the plays.”

Source: D’Arcy Maine